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Case Studies

Career Case Studies

SCHRADER ADVISORS GROUP has been providing career consulting for years, ensuring that our clients are fulfilled by the opportunities they take on. Here, we present just a few of the career case studies we have done, allowing you some insight into how our services can help you.


Anthony is a 23 year old recent college graduate with outstanding grades all through high school and college. His B.A. is in Marketing and his resume looked brilliant for a college grad with no work experience. He understood he would have to start at an entry level position but had no idea what part of marketing he would be most interested in targeting. Additionally, he has Asperger’s and his social skills suffered.
His resume landed him several interviews with no offers on opportunities he was quite excited about and thought well-suited. After a couple of sessions self-review and getting better insight into his goals, we did a mock interview which revealed one of the major flaws in his interview technique. He had done all the required homework of learning everything about the company down to the Executive Board make-up and the revenue streams of the past few years. He Googled his interviewer and used LinkedIn learn more about him. A hardy handshake, shined shoes, notebook with questions- all the basic tangibles. But he lacked- confidence and he couldn’t tell the interviewer why he should be hired over the other ten candidates other than he was a hard worker. He came off as desperate and unsure of himself.
While this is a result of his Asperger’s, it is something that can be overcome. We worked on those issues and practiced. The next week he had an interview and landed the job he wanted at SAP as a marketing analyst for $10,000 more than he was expecting. When asked what was the difference in this interview, he specifically said it was the self-confidence he gained from the practice sessions and being able to tell the interviewer why he should hire him.


Anna is a 47-year-old, happily married mother of two who was laid off after 15 years with a print shop due to shrinking business. She had no LinkedIn page, never developed a network of business associates, and never attended trade shows or industry events. She was shy and content to stay in the back of the shop managing and producing copy for the clients. Now, after working with a coach, she has created her new position and is currently implementing the plan for a small organization totally unrelated to the printing business.

"What I enjoyed most about my coaching experience was: Rick always listened to me. When I received an unexpected job offer he helped me through that process and helped me negotiate a higher salary. Even after I accepted that job, and he realized I didn't intend to look any longer, he turned our sessions into how to make my new position the position I wanted. We worked together for a long time and I know he's still there for me when I need him.

If there were one thing I would like to have been different about our coaching interaction, it is: Nothing. Rick made me tackle hard issues and realize what I needed in life."


Upon graduating with a Master's Degree in Public Health, Susan was drawn into a good paying job at an IT consulting vendor. After eight years, she decided that IT was not what she wanted and left to find her career in her original passion of Public Health. Her problem was that she knew no one in the Public Health area and was confused about how to explain that fact that she was 8 years removed from her desired field. After working with her Career Coach, Susan has established herself as a qualified Public Health brand and has learned to translate the skills she developed in the IT world into pertinent skills for Public Health.

"This has been a fantastic experience, I really feel that everyone should have one of these coaching experiences several times in life to take a step back and re-evaluate one's direction or help make better more informed career choices. I would recommend Rick to any of my friends, colleagues, and family looking to make career/life choices: at the beginning of their career, mid-career, or even after retirement!"


David was a Naval Academy graduate 13 years into his career and looking for something else. He was engaged and wanted to start a family but didn't want to make his children grow as he did, constantly moving from port to port. His fiancé had an established career. He looked at his skills he had developed in the Navy and was able to see how he could translate those 'Navy skills' into a future in the financial world. A couple of days after the wedding ceremony he started to work on his MBA that was a minimum credential for his new career. In the second year of the program he started doing informational interviews with the banking community, several Wall Street firms, and private sector enterprises. Upon graduation, he had accepted a position at one of the largest software vendors in the world and now lives in Silicon Valley enjoying his new career.


Jonathon was a very successful engineer. After a six-year stint in the active Navy he moved to the private sector and spent 20 years in the Naval Reserve rising to the rank of Captain. His Reserve time was spent working with the HR world, strategizing how to make large troop movements across the globe. His private sector career found him working in the Health Care community working on building expansions and how to respond to massive trauma events. After 9/11 he was tagged with creating a plan for the whole country to respond to a large scale catastrophe. By age 50 he found himself worn out and looking for the 'something else'. After carefully evaluating the skills he had developed between the private sector and the Navy, he joined a speaker's bureau. This would give him the ability to pick and choose when to work and where to work. His area of expertise that he advertises is emergency management for healthcare facilities.